Rebecca Evans I 6th May 2020

To Ten Bear Group, sustainability means implementing and promoting positive environmental change. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is far more than multinationals pledging to end deforestation and eliminating sweatshops. Ten Bear’s management, staff and clients are committed towards taking steps to intelligently reduce our carbon footprint while growing our business as an SME. 

The global Covid-19 disruption has pushed most organisations into new ways of operating. To us, sustainability also means cultivating stability. We aim to build a business able to weather future change while still maintaining our values. 

 Here is how we’re creating a sustainable future for Ten Bear, our customers and our planet.


As a digital business, our commitment to environmental sustainability is linked to travel, workplace and data storage.   

Offset Earth

What’s out there beyond our team meetings and Slack channels? Offset Earth is an organisation which supports businesses to achieve a Climate Positive Workforce. In order to actively fight climate change, we’ve chosen to join Offset Earth for 2020. Their organisation helps us to measure the carbon footprint of our employees’ business travel, and uses a carbon offset plan to plant trees and fund climate projects worldwide. 

Employee Travel

Beyond the travel offset initiative, we’re also evaluating the way we travel. As a remote company based around the world, we’re used to frequent flying. If it’s not New York for a client visit, it’s Munich or London as a team for a Digital event. Before you know it, even a small workforce can rack up significant air miles.  

Our Code of Conduct for Staff Travel is more important now than ever. It may be unclear how international travel will proceed after Coronavirus, but our sustainable travel initiative is a long-term commitment to our planet. As individuals, we commit to looking at our business travel choices from an environmental perspective. As a business, we aim to plan staff travel holistically, and coordinate so our client visits can coincide with team meetings. 

Production, Storage and Use of Data

Global data centre energy demand in 2018 was an estimated 1% of global electricity demand. Ten Bear hosts our data in secure cloud environments, replacing energy-heavy servers in our offices.  

These outsourced cloud environments are, of course, hosted elsewhere. We want to avoid outsourcing our sense of environmental responsibility and we aim to regularly evaluate the eco-friendly credentials our data centers provide. As our data needs vary between client projects, we commit to regular data audits, clearing out unused data sets. 

Our choice of Software Partners is another component of sustainable data. We ensure our partners’ data centers meet current sustainability guidelines. 


Beyond environmental initiatives, Ten Bear Group is committed to helping the non-profit community benefit from our expertise. 

Non-Profit Pricing

We believe charities deserve great insights. We’ve worked with global non-profits on research reports and extended projects, and we’re happy to extend discounts to align with charity budgets.

Our insights aren’t just about consumers; non-profit clients of ours have successfully monitored donor behaviour, campaign reach and the voice of displaced migrants online. 

We may be a data consultancy, but we’re part of a global business ecosystem. We strive to support organisations who are doing good to reach their own goals, too.

For more information about Ten Bear Group, please contact hello@tenbeargroup.com or visit tenbeargroup.com

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