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Strategy Development

Award-winning strategy consultants, renowned for our expertise in customer-centric strategy development.

Our mission

What we do

We’re pioneering a fresh approach to strategy development. 

It’s disruptive, it’s human-centred, it’s data-driven. 

Our goal is clear; to redefine and democratise strategic advice by leading with a customer-centric approach.

We place your audience at the core of our strategy, ensuring their needs and behaviours guide every decision we make.

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How we work

Backed by the research and insights capabilities of Ten Bear Group, we build comprehensive data-driven strategies that work.

1. Stakeholder Engagement

We conduct meetings with key stakeholders and review existing data to gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives, goals, and challenges, ensuring our work tailored and impactful. 

2. Research & Analysis

We execute an all-encompassing analysis of market dynamics, competitive landscapes, and customer insights; focusing on audience trends, consumer behaviours and customer needs.

3. Strategy Development

We then develop a comprehensive, data-driven strategy that meets your business goals and objectives. We ensure all strategies are sustainable and scalable for future growth opportunities.

4. Implementation

Finally, we provide a succinct implementation plan with defined timelines and responsibilities, coupled with precise KPIs to effectively track strategy success and measure impact.

Additional Services

Once your strategy and implementation plan have been delivered, we offer ongoing support in the form of consultancy, reporting and workshops.

Ongoing Consultancy

We provide continuous support and guidance as the you implement your strategy, including regular check-ins, market re-analysis, and strategy adjustments.

Reporting & Insights

Our regular reporting is ideal for measuring strategic success or reviewing changes in consumer behaviours and trends, enabling continuous optimisation of your strategy.

Workshops & Training

We educate your team on effective strategy implementation through workshops or training focused on strategic planning, data analysis, and other key areas.

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