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Rebecca Evans

Rebecca has been a social listening consultant at Ten Bear since 2019, specialising in market research, strategic planning, data reporting, business analytics, online research and consumer research.

What is your professional background?

After graduating in International Development with French from Sussex University in Brighton, I started work at Brandwatch. This is how Jess and I first met, as we were both on the commercial team. Then I transitioned to collaborating with the Brandwatch customer insights research team, and moved on to work with them in a freelance context while travelling abroad. After that, I returned to a commercial client and partner management role with SugarCRM in Munich, Germany, where I’m still based! Back in 2019, Jess got in touch and asked me if I wanted to join the Ten Bear team. That’s how I circled back to consumer insights and social listening, though I continue to work with a wide range of tools.

What are your favourite tools?

I’m a big fan of Brandwatch – and not just because I used to work there! As an analyst, I have to write extremely complicated Boolean searches. Brandwatch offers such granularity: at the Query level, and with Rules, Tags, Categories and Alerts, which helps me to filter results and get critical with my data segmentation. This is particularly important for nuanced data sets like consumer post-sales opinions or intent to purchase, for example. I also enjoy using Talkwalker, Pulsar, Sprout Social, Google Data Studio and Oktopost – among many others! As a social listening consultant, getting people to consume the insights that I produce from their own data is key. I therefore typically pick whatever tool the customer is happiest using and integrate myself into their existing data ecosystem. I’m therefore always on the lookout for new tools which offer new data sources and analytical capability.

Where are you based?


I’m based half of the year in Germany and half of the year in Spain. I grew up in Manchester, UK, and spent half of my childhood in the Catalan city of Tarragona, near Barcelona, Spain. While my mother tongue is British – as anyone who’s heard my BBC voice may attest to – I’m a native level Spanish speaker. Having a native speaker on the team is so insightful, so I lead all of our Spanish-language research projects. My academic background included French at University, where I spent my Erasmus year abroad on Réunion Island and worked professionally as a French translator. In addition, I lead our German analysts on their research projects (but let them bring the Deutsch expertise!).

How do your studies inform your work?

At Uni, my studies were research based. My papers were often in new fields with little research available, which I find intellectually fascinating. So it was very much about finding insights and opinions from connected topics, emerging topics, open-mindedly engaging stakeholders and analysing trends. This kind of research has therefore been instrumental in my professional life. As a social analyst, you want to find out what people think, know, and don’t know, and use this information to shape different strategic outcomes. It’s all about monitoring engagement, communication, and getting excited if something cool happens, which is often overlooked in business.

I’m also an avid Ultimate Frisbee player! Having captained our awesome women’s team to win Nationals at Uni, I continue to play in Germany and took Silver with the Munich Women’s team at Club Nationals. I love leading year-long strength & conditioning projects and am often involved in club committees.

What is your all-time favourite project?


As you can probably tell, I like challenging projects; the ones for something really conceptual. And, if I had to choose, my favourite piece that I’ve done recently is a research project for a large global bank that wanted to break the P2P payment market in Latin America. Focused on low level banking and small payments, the project looked at how people talked about sharing money to pay back a friend or spend with a local business, for example. Particularly when considering the slang from different Latin American countries, we found some very insightful things, like which regions mistrusted credit cards the most. As a social listening consultant – but also on an individual level – it was really interesting, and I know the brand got a lot out of what we did, too!

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