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Cherry Stokes

Cherry has been a social data analyst and consultant at Ten Bear since 2021, specialising in digital strategy, consumer insights, email marketing, behavioural targeting, and community management.


What is your professional background?

Jess and I first met at Brandwatch, I was a Customer Success manager there for several years. We worked collaboratively to manage the clients that she had brought on board, and often went on pitches and to client meetings together. Having both lived in Brighton for quite some time, we knew a lot of the same people outside of work and also became good friends. When Jess left to start Ten Bear, we kept in contact.

During the pandemic, I realised that it was time to pursue my true passion, and left full-time work to study psychology and counselling. As I made this decision to attend university and become a freelancer, Jess got in touch to ask if I’d like to join Ten Bear as a social data analyst and consultant. It was perfect timing! We have always had a strong professional relationship: at times very similar, but also complimentary in our differences. It’s been really great to have been able to keep that going!

What are your favourite tools?

Brandwatch is the main tool that I use – it’s super powerful. One of the reasons that I became a successful customer success manager is because I knew how to use the product end-to-end. The biggest thing for most clients is that they’re unsure how to use all of its features, and really need only use the bits that are relevant to them, and I can show them what those are, and provide training as their needs change. I also really like using for analysing aggregated search data.

Where are you based?


I’m based in Brighton, though occasionally I go on a longer holiday and work while away. I grew up in Brighton and absolutely love it here: the events, the people, the community. I’ve travelled a lot and there aren’t many places that have the same approach to life as Brighton and whenever I go away, I always look forward to coming back!


How do your studies inform your work?

Interestingly, there is a lot of crossover between research analysts and people that have studied psychology or a similar subject. I think it’s something to do with understanding why people do what they do: one is with consumers, and the other is on a more personal level to do with mental health. Psychology is about helping people to understand themselves, whereas research analysts help brands to understand people – it’s just different data points. For example, as a psychologist, you could be talking to a person and they are telling you about what’s happened to them and how they feel, and this information is then used to analyse, understand, and feed back to them. As a social data analyst, you are looking at online conversations, people giving their opinions and sharing experiences, to find patterns to make informed insight. So the two really do go hand-in-hand.

What do you like to do outside of work?


Video games. Loads and loads of video games. One of my all-time favourites is World of Warcraft. I also love story-driven, action adventure open world games such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Ghost of Tsushima, Gears of War, and Destiny. I’m one of the founders of a company called BN1 Gaming which is an online gaming community. It’s run mainly in Discord, and we’re currently about 1,600 members strong!

What is your all-time favourite project?


I recently worked on a project for an investment company looking at a profitable whiskey brand, and I was extremely involved in not only finding out about the brand, but also the consumer; for example, what they were interested in and their consumption habits. We used the data to build five archetypes based on the different groups of people that purchase or drink whiskey and why. These were used to inform the company’s strategic decisions for connecting with their customers. It was interesting because I knew nothing about whiskey, and learned tons about it! The company was also really open to letting us, as the experts, make changes based on what we knew they would get the most value from.

I’m also really looking forward to working with one of my favourite gaming publishers. So if you ask me again in a few months, the answer will probably be that!

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