Research & Reporting

We transform your data into actionable insights, providing bespoke reporting and strategic consulting to drive your brand’s success.

Brand Analysis

Get comprehensive insights into your brand’s digital footprint, audience sentiment, and growth opportunities.


Answer questions about your brand, such as:

  1. How is our brand perceived relative to competitors?
  2. What are the most common words or phrases associated with our brand?
  3. How does brand perception vary across different demographic groups?
  4. What are the key factors influencing brand perception?
  5. How have recent marketing campaigns impacted brand perception?

Competitor Intelligence

Gain a deep understanding of competitor digital presence, share of voice, and growth tactics.


Answer questions about your competitors, such as:

  1. How does our market share compare to our main competitors?
  2. How do our products or services compare to those of our competitors in terms of customer feedback?
  3. How does the perception of our brand compare to that of our competitors in the minds of consumers?
  4. Which competitor’s marketing strategies are most effective, and what can we learn from them?
  5. What underserved opportunities are there for us to enter the market?

Audience Insights

Uncover detailed knowledge of your audience’s behaviours, preferences and their customer journey.


Answer questions about your audience, such as:

  1. Who constitutes our primary audience segment, and how do we target them?
  2. What are the needs, preferences, and pain points of our target audience?
  3. How does our audience typically consume content, and what are their preferred content formats?
  4. Which communication channels are most effective for reaching our audience?
  5. How does our audience perceive our brand, products, or services?

Market & Industry Trends

Stay informed about dynamic market shifts, industry trends, opportunities to enter the market, and growth areas.


Answer questions about your market, such as:

  1. What are the current prevailing trends in our industry?
  2. How are consumer preferences and behaviours evolving in our market?
  3. Which emerging technologies or innovations are shaping market dynamics?
  4. What are the macroeconomic factors influencing market conditions and consumer spending?
  5. How are market trends affecting consumer expectations and demands?

Campaign Analysis

Evaluate campaign performance, audience feedback, improvement opportunities, and return on investment.


Answer questions about your campaign, such as:

  1. How effective was the campaign in achieving its stated objectives and KPIs?
  2. Which elements of the campaign were most successful, and which ones underperformed?
  3. How did the campaign perform across different channels, platforms and audience segments?
  4. What was the Return on Investment (ROI) for the campaign?
  5. How did the target audience respond to the campaign’s messaging and creative elements?
  6. How can we optimise for future campaigns?

NPS & CSI Insights

Leveraging your existing customer survey platform, we dive into the why behind your NPS and CSI scores.


Answer questions about your customers, such as:

  1. How are NPS and CSI scores related, and what do they indicate about our customer loyalty and satisfaction?
  2. How have NPS and CSI changed over time, and what are the main drivers behind these changes?
  3. Which customer segments have the highest and lowest NPS and CSI scores, and why is there such a divergence?
  4. How do the scores for NPS and CSI differ across our product/service lines, and what key improvements are needed to boost these scores?
  5. Are there specific operational or product areas affecting both NPS and CSI scores as indicated by customer feedback?

Additional Support

While our specialty lies in consumer insights, we are fundamentally grounded in social listening and strategic consultancy. Therefore we also offer services that optimise your social data and transform it into actionable strategies.

Social Media Analysts

We work as an extension of your team, providing social listening support from initial setup to advanced optimization. We help you leverage your social listening tools effectively and efficiently for long-term success.

Strategic Consultancy

We offer a range of support including technology assessments, strategic frameworks and ongoing consultancy to help you leverage your insights effectively and develop data-driven digital strategies.


Do I need to have a tool in-house?

Our approach is to pinpoint the best tools for your project, whether they’re tools you already utilise internally or platforms we identify for singular tasks.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you!

Do you run marketing campaigns and manage social media?

Rather than executing campaigns or overseeing your social media profiles, we equip you with data-driven insights and research, empowering you to devise impeccable marketing campaigns and social strategies.

Are you able to provide insights beyond the options listed above?

Certainly! Consider it this way: if it can be searched on Google, we can report on it, as long as there’s sufficient data to deliver meaningful insights!

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