5th May 2020


Founder & CEO

Having more time available on the weekends has allowed us to speed up a project we have been shaping for the last few months. I am very proud of the team and their efforts in getting this ready, and I would also like to thank our clients for providing support and feedback on the types of services that provide real value for them.

You can join us for celebratory cocktails at a yet unspecified venue in the future – in the meantime, let us tell you about our move.

What’s changing?

We are changing our trading name from Ten Bear Social to Ten Bear Group, expanding our services, and pivoting our approach. We feel that this better reflects the strategic services we deliver, moving beyond social listening, and providing clients with multi-dimensional consumer insights to inform their business strategy.

Why are we changing?

Over the years we have delivered a wide variety of successful projects. As our customers’ trust has grown, so have the types of data projects they’ve come to us with and we’ve uncovered that our services go far beyond our previous offering at Ten Bear Social. While social listening will always be at the core of what we do, it’s our services in data, research, insight, and strategy which we feel set us apart from a purely social listening niche.

How will this benefit our clients?

Our experience is that consumer opinions change over time and our research methods do too. Ten Bear Group will future-proof your consumer-led strategies with new technology stacks, analytical views, and data sources. Increasing our data stack also means that our range of expertise has grown as well. With additional services added including API connectors and advanced analytics methodologies, our expert team will assist with focused research and insights delivery. Ten Bear will continue scaling our research and analysis capabilities, getting our customers the best of all data streams, sources, and integrations.

So it’s not just our name that we’re changing. We’re giving you, our customers, access to better services, expanded data-sets and better technology. This transition also means that we are no longer a social listening agency – we have morphed into a global Digital Consumer Intelligence consultancy.

Our sustainability efforts 

A value very close to our heart, here at Ten Bear Group,  is ensuring our business is as sustainable as possible. As it’s a time when many organisations have also been pushed into new ways of operating, we’d like to share our sustainability measure for 2020.
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Our Commitment To The Community

During these uncertain times, we remain committed to our community more than ever. Whilst we are pivoting our business, Ten Bear is here to support our network with our know-how, expertise, and mentorship.

We are taking the following helps to assist:

  • Non-committal calls:  you are welcome to reach out to our experts with any questions and we promise you that there is no catch. We will not try to sell you any services, instead, we will seek to share our knowledge and help you prepare for upcoming consumer-insight needs post COVID-19.
  • Discounted services: we understand that many global organisations are impacted by COVID-19 and financially constrained at the moment.  Ten Bear Group is happy to extend discounts to all impacted while we overcome this together.

For more information about Ten Bear Group, please contact press@tenbeargroup.com or visit tenbeargroup.com

About Ten Bear Group
Ten Bear Group is an award-winning Digital Consumer Intelligence consultancy, providing a broad range of strategic services and solutions in social listening, data analytics, API connectors, consumer research, and insight. With 30+ years combined in consumer intelligence, Ten Bear Group’s expertise lies in harnessing the value of big data. This enables clients to navigate complex digital conversations, understanding what drives consumer behaviours, product ideation and identifying market penetration opportunities. Ten Bear Group has a global presence with virtual offices in London, New York, and Singapore and is the go-to choice for world-leading technology vendors.

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