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What we do

Ten Bear Group is an award-winning social listening service agency, specialising in strategy and reporting for global brands.

We offer monthly, quarterly and ad-hoc social listening reports that deliver key insights to help you stay ahead of the curve. Our reports are straightforward and easy to understand, with a human touch.

We also provide strategic support, including technical social listening, to help our clients create a successful customer experience.

What this means for you

As the world evolves, so do our listening techniques. 

Our consultants use the latest social listening tools and techniques to help you better understand the conversations happening around your brand, industry and competitors. 

We offer the perfect balance of expert insights and actionable advice to ensure you get the best results from your social listening initiatives. 

We’ll tell you what needs fixing, and what’s working well, so that you make informed decisions about your business, products and digital strategies. 

Why choose us? 

With over 30 years combined experience, our consultants are considered industry leaders for our advanced knowledge of social listening tools, expertise in strategic insights, and proprietary research methods.

Unlike many other companies in this space, Ten Bear Group specialises exclusively in social listening and intelligence. Other firms may offer a few different types of services but we focus on being best-of-breed in delivering accurate reporting and strategic guidance.

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Our Services

Social listening is a journey: From finding a tool that suits your business needs, to building strategies that make your insights sing, we can help you at every step.

We leverage a range of social intelligence platforms to help shape strategic insights, and, because all our clients have different levels of experience using data, our research is smart, digestible, and actionable.

Social Media Analysts

On-demand social listening analysts for businesses and brands already using a tool in-house. From query writing to dashboard creation. We support every stage of your social listening setup and on-going optimisation, and are an extension of your in-house team, on-call whenever you need us.

Reporting & Insights

Industry-leading reports. Expert consultants. More than a decade of insights to leverage. Our Reporting and Insights are built on a tried and tested blend of social intelligence and strategic consumer research, giving you the whole story behind your brand, competitors, audience or market.

Strategic Consultancy

More than just data analysts, we’re strategic consultants. We offer a range of support including technology assessments, strategic frameworks and ongoing consultancy to help you leverage your insights effectively and develop data-driven digital strategies.

Our Clients

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