Social Intelligence Newsletter: December 2020

Written by Ten Bear Group

December 31, 2020

Headline News

California has just passed Proposition 24, a ballot set to radicalise the big data industry by enforcing tighter restrictions on how websites track and sell consumer activity. 

The act will not only allow consumers to stop businesses selling or sharing their personal information, but also restrict tech giants, such as Facebook and Google, accessing data via third parties. Advertising provides a significant revenue stream for these market leaders and will no doubt lead to a change in the way they choose to operate. 

The proposition will come into place in 2023, and whilst it is only currently active in California, the state holds huge influence in the tech industry so it is believed the effects will be far-reaching across the US.

Thought Leaders

“2020 has been a difficult year in more ways than one, but what has inspired me the most is the number of brands turning to social media and putting the customer at the core of their focus.

The most successful companies have been those who have used social insights to understand their customers voice, understand the trends, the needs, desires and emotions, to truly innovate and differentiate their offerings to deliver the best customer experience that they can.

This is where social listening and consumer intelligence is at its most powerful and in a year where we’ve had so many challenges, it’s apparent that social listening has now cemented itself as a must-have to drive marketing and business strategies.”

Stephen Dale – VP Northern Europe – Digimind

Software Spotlight

Capsule is a handy new tool we’ve been using instead of screengrabs/screen records. Capsule allows you to capture a “live” site experience with clickable external links so when you send the Capsule to stakeholders, they don’t just see the mentions/data, they can also click through to the links and read the articles themselves!

Here is a link to a demo Capsule of a BuzzSumo UI – notice how you can click on any of the articles and be taken straight to them! Here is a link to a demo Capsule of a BuzzSumo UI – enjoy!

(Capsule Demo)

Black Friday. Sezzle & Quadpay but now pay later instalment service. Graphs show searches/mo vs growth.

Boolean Basement

Raw: Emotions
When Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon came together and launched their new platform post-merger, a dear old friend got left behind – the “raw: operator” 

The raw: operator = raw:M&M, will return mentions containing the phrase “M&M”, specifically with capitalized Ms and an ampersand symbol. This would not bring back mentions of “M & M” or “m&m” as the raw: operator only brings the exact search. Note that usually queries are no case sensitive.

Once used to distinguish tricky ambiguous terms, the raw: operator has been replaced with the curly braces, however, we’ve run into a few occasions where we needed more than 5 characters. 

Upper Case I Sensitive Matching
{} = example; {BT}
Will only retrieve Mentions where upper case letters are used in the exact way specified inside the brackets. Upper case matching only works for words with up to 5 characters.

Figured out a 6+ character workaround? Tweet us at @TenBearGroup so we can share your wisdom with the community!” 

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