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Social Listening Case Study:

The Challenge

Primed for a 5G service launch, our global telecommunications client wanted to understand the spread of 5G conspiracy conversation online. Before investing in marketing against fake news, they needed to comprehend the nuances and scale of the problem.​
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The Solution

In collaboration with the PR and Communications team in Switzerland, we established the parameters and priorities of the study. Our expert research team leveraged the power of artificial intelligence and advanced computing to analyse millions of digital conversations from around the world. A triangulated approach was taken, combining various datasets, social analytics, and consumer behaviour AI to provide a comprehensive understanding of the 5G conversation already happening online.

The Outcome

The results of our research were of critical significance to the client as they unveiled problematic domains, media sources, and bot authors, thereby providing a deeper understanding of the brand’s position within the 5G conversation. This information was leveraged by the client to inform their advertising strategy for 2020, ensuring that they were well-equipped to launch their 5G service with a well-informed and effective marketing campaign.

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