Social Listening

Case Study

The Challenge

When you are a world-leading confectionery manufacturer, good staff are as important as good chocolate. Our client was finding it difficult to recruit and retain the right talent, and high employee turnover was impacting factory output. Before embarking on an overhaul of their recruitment and retention strategy, they needed insight into the reasons behind the turnover, and how best to encourage new applicants.


The Solution

Our analysis was aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the high employee turnover and the challenges faced by the client in attracting and retaining the right talent. To achieve this, we conducted a thorough examination of consumer conversations among the target audience of factory workers. This was done by dividing the audience into five key segments, each with its own distinct characteristics and needs. The five segments included trade school students who were considering a career in manufacturing, job seekers who were actively searching for employment in the field, and current employees who had already been working in the factory.

Our detailed analysis of online conversations enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the unique desires and pain points of each segment, which were critical in helping our client to make informed decisions about their recruitment and retention strategy.

The Outcome

With the insights gained from our analysis, our client was able to implement targeted solutions to address the issue. They revised their careers page to better accommodate disabled workers, which demonstrated their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Additionally, they launched a marketing campaign to promote factory work as a viable career option, countering the notion that it was only a side hustle. Internally, their recruitment and retention strategy was refined to provide a more personalised experience for applicants and employees, promoting engagement and satisfaction.

Through these efforts, our client successfully positioned themselves as a leader in the manufacturing industry, resulting in a more successful recruitment process and reduced turnover.


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