Disasters Emergency Committee social listening charity

Case Study:
Social Listening for Charities

The Challenge

The DEC brings together 14 of the leading UK humanitarian charities to raise awareness and funds for some of the largest crises happening across the world.

The charity faced a challenging and unpredictable remit, where disasters could occur without warning and prompt action was required to maximise fundraising efforts during the crucial 24 hours after a disaster. The charity needed real-time monitoring for their national fundraising campaigns to be prepared for any crisis that may arise.

The Solution

In response to an ongoing environmental disaster, the charity approached us with a tight deadline of 12 hours to setup and start providing real-time monitoring, daily reporting, and alerts. The results were so impactful that after the campaign, the charity worked with us to establish a permanent, in-house real-time monitoring tool with our reporting analysts available for future crises.

To achieve this, we held scoping sessions with key teams to determine relevant insights and campaign KPIs, then created a framework to outline how social listening would be used during each appeal. Our reporting structure included daily reports used in team meetings, ongoing campaign tracking, and end-of-appeal overviews. The latter linked Google Analytics from their donations website to specific social media posts, providing a more comprehensive and data-driven approach to fundraising strategy.

The Outcome

The implementation of real-time monitoring and daily reporting for the client’s national fundraising campaigns had a profound impact on the charity’s operations. The charity was able to enhance their fundraising capabilities by utilising data-driven insights to inform and guide their campaigns. This resulted in more effective and targeted fundraising efforts that maximised the return on investment. Additionally, the charity was able to improve digital coordination among its member charities.

The use of a data-supported approach to fundraising enabled the charity to lead campaigns that were more streamlined and cohesive, resulting in a better overall impact. The use of consumer behaviour data also helped the charity to tailor its campaigns to better meet the needs and preferences of its donors, increasing the likelihood of success and overall donor engagement.

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Disasters Emergency Committee social listening charity

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