Brand Analysis

Leading the charge in brand evolution, our consultants provide unparalleled depth in brand insights.

Strategic Insights

Informed Brand Strategy

We enable businesses like yours to make strategic decisions by tracking real-time performance, engagement, and sentiment surrounding your brand. We analyse every mention, every hashtag, every share and every comment about your brand across multiple social media and online platforms.

Transform this digital discourse into comprehensive reports that reveal deep insights about your brand’s performance and engagement.

Influencer Identification

Identifying Influencers and Advocates

With comprehensive audience mapping, you can analyse your audience’s online interactions and engagement patterns, helping you identify opportunities and improve targeting for more effective communication and engagement.


Crisis Management

The real-time nature of social listening allows for immediate identification of potential crises or negative publicity. By catching and addressing these issues early, businesses can mitigate damage and maintain their reputation.

Engagement Optimisation

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Understanding the sentiment and topics that resonate with your audience allows you to engage more effectively. You can tailor your content and communication strategies to match audience preferences, increasing engagement and building stronger relationships.

Sentiment Insights

Understanding Customer Sentiment

Through detailed sentiment analysis, these reports offer a deeper understanding of how consumers perceive a brand. Businesses can gain valuable insights into the emotions and opinions expressed by their customers, helping to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction.
Consumer-driven Innovation

Product Development and Innovation

By understanding your audience’s needs, wants, and challenges through their conversations, you can identify gaps in your product or service offerings. These insights can fuel innovation and lead to the development of new products or improvements to existing ones, directly based on consumer feedback.

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