In 2024, social listening continues to be a crucial aspect of digital marketing and brand management. With a plethora of tools available, choosing the right platform can be overwhelming. To help you navigate, here’s a rundown of the best social listening tools of the year, each offering unique features and capabilities.

best social listening tools 2024


Brandwatch remains a powerhouse in the social listening space. Known for its advanced analytics capabilities, it offers detailed sentiment analysis and trend tracking. Ideal for large businesses, Brandwatch provides deep insights into consumer conversations and behaviours. 

Brandwatch has taken AI-driven analytics to the next level. Its latest iteration offers predictive analytics, allowing brands to foresee trends before they go mainstream. Coupled with its machine learning algorithms, it can now differentiate between nuanced sentiments, making it a leader in precision analytics.


Sprinklr stands out for its comprehensive suite of social media management tools, including robust social listening features. Its ability to integrate with a wide range of social platforms makes it a favourite among enterprises looking for an all-in-one solution.

Sprinklr’s modern AI capabilities enable real-time sentiment analysis across diverse digital channels. The platform now integrates conversational AI, allowing brands to automate responses and engage with audiences more effectively. Its unified customer view feature provides a comprehensive analysis of individual consumer journeys.


Talkwalker is praised for its real-time analytics and extensive data coverage. This platform is one of the quickest tools in launching new innovative features.  

Talkwalker’s recent innovation includes its AI-powered Quick Search feature, which provides instant insights into brand health, campaign performance, and consumer trends. Its Image Recognition technology has been enhanced to track brand logos with higher accuracy in visual media, offering valuable data from images and videos.


YouScan is known for its visual analytics technology, which allows businesses to analyse images and visual content across social media for brand mentions. This unique feature makes YouScan a go-to for brands with a strong visual presence.

Using AI, YouScan analyses images for logo recognition, scene context, and even consumer emotions, providing a layer of visual analytics that’s crucial for brands with a significant visual presence on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.


Brand24 offers real-time monitoring and is user-friendly, making it a great choice for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides reliable alerts and sentiment analysis, ensuring that brands stay on top of their online reputation.

Brand24 has introduced more sophisticated sentiment analysis tools, making it easier for smaller businesses to understand consumer emotions in real-time. Its alert system now uses AI to prioritise mentions by impact, helping businesses focus on the most critical conversations first.


Digimind is notable for its competitive intelligence features, alongside its social listening capabilities. It helps businesses track competitors’ online strategies and consumer sentiments, making it a strategic tool for market analysis.

Digimind has expanded its competitive intelligence capabilities by integrating AI for predictive market trends. This allows businesses to anticipate market shifts based on competitor activities and consumer discussions, providing a strategic edge in market positioning.


Meltwater excels in media monitoring and social listening. It offers extensive global coverage and detailed analytics, making it suitable for international brands looking to monitor their global online presence.

Meltwater’s recent updates include advanced AI-driven analysis for broader media coverage, including podcasts and niche publications. Its Global Media Database is now more comprehensive, providing access to a wider range of global sources for deeper market insights.


Quid provides deep, AI-driven insights into customer sentiment and market trends. Its advanced analytics capabilities are well-suited for brands and agencies that require detailed data analysis for strategic decision-making.

Quid’s AI now offers more sophisticated consumer sentiment analysis, including emotional analysis that goes beyond positive and negative sentiments. Its integration of natural language processing allows for a deeper understanding of consumer conversations and trends.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is popular for its user-friendly interface and effective engagement tools. Alongside its social listening features, it provides excellent customer service tools, making it a great option for businesses focused on customer engagement and satisfaction.

Sprout Social has refined its social listening tools with enhanced AI features for audience segmentation and trend analysis. Its Smart Inbox feature now offers more precise filtering and organisation of social mentions, making it easier for brands to manage and respond to engagements.


ViralMoment stands out for its focus on identifying and leveraging viral trends in real-time. It utilises advanced AI algorithms to analyse social media patterns and predict viral content, making it ideal for brands aiming to quickly capitalise on emerging trends.

Additionally, ViralMoment provides predictive analytics, giving marketers foresight into potential viral trends and the ability to prepare proactive marketing strategies. This combination of real-time tracking and predictive insights makes ViralMoment a valuable tool for brands looking to stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends.

In summary

The social listening landscape in 2024 is characterized by advanced AI, sophisticated analytics, and comprehensive digital monitoring capabilities. Each platform offers unique features tailored to different business needs, whether it’s in-depth sentiment analysis, visual data insights, or competitive intelligence. Navigating these innovations effectively can provide brands with unparalleled insights and a significant competitive advantage in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

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