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Upgrade your brand, marketing, and product performance with insights that have a tangible impact.

About us

Who we are

Ten Bear Group is an award-winning consultancy, providing strategic research services and social listening insights to leading brands and agencies globally.

We solve the problem of aligning brand, marketing, and product strategies with the rapidly evolving consumer behaviours and market trends.

Our analysts blend the science of social intelligence with our unique approach to consumer research to provide you with industry-leading insights backed by over a decade of expertise and executive-level reporting.

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Discover why we are the trusted strategic insights partner for global brands and agencies.

How we help

Why work with us?

We make your decision-making process easier, with strategic research on your brand, competitors, audience, and market that has a tangible impact – not just data that fills reports.

We significantly improve the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing, brand and product initiatives by grounding your strategic decisions in concrete evidence, rather than assumptions.

► And the best part? We make sure those golden nuggets of insight are integrated across your teams so that everyone is working towards the same strategic goals.

Our Services

What we do

We harness real-time insights from social, news, blogs, forums, reviews, and surveys, as well as your own customer data, to deliver a comprehensive analysis that directly answers your critical business questions.

Brand Analysis & Performance

Competitor Intelligence

Market & Industry Trends

Audience Segmentation

Customer Journey Mapping

Influencer Identification

Case Studies

Our Work

From charities to Fortune 500 companies, we are the trusted strategic insights partner for global organisations at the forefront of their industries.

Disasters Emergency Committee social listening charity

Retention Strategy

When you are a world-leading confectionery manufacturer, good staff are as important as good chocolate. Our client was finding it difficult to recruit and retain the right talent.

Finance social listening case study

Market Penetration Insights

Our banking client needed to explore consumer conversation around money transfers for companies, including PayPal, Amazon Pay, and TransferWise.


Product Marketing Insights

In a crowded landscape, our feminine care client struggled to find their market position and their brand voice. They needed support in shaping their brand voice backed by data.


Content Strategy

Our client needed real-time monitoring for their national fundraising campaigns to maximise their ability to respond to upcoming crises as they happen.

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What our customers say

Hear from our trusted clients and discover why they love working with us

“Ten Bear Group’s strategic expertise and experience throughout the past year has proven invaluable and we are excited to continue working with them.”

Jonathan Cooper-Bagnall,
Managing Director, Proxima (part of Bain & Company)

With the help of Ten Bear, we have completely reframed our approach – we’ve gone from a basic social media strategy to a complex community management approach.”

Nazia Hassan,
Director of Marketing, National Zakat Foundation

“Ten Bear Group provide an excellent and informative monthly reporting service, delivering actionable insights to help optimise our communications approach.”

Ann Longley,
Head of Digital Transformation, DEC

“Our reporting and insights were nowhere near where they needed to be. Now, thanks to Ten Bear, we are in a place where I can see the real strategic impact of those insights on a day to day basis”

Sky Stephenson,
Head of Social Media, S&P Global Commodities Insights

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